We'll help you prepare the right way to reach your goals

Get the Best in Fitness Training in Kona – Rick Rubio


Be Prepared on Race Day

Take the right steps to train smarter and achieve your goal.

For those clients interested, I use Training Peaks to track their progress. If you are interested in learning more about Training Peaks, just ask me! 

Proud to say that they are now the official training software for IRONMAN!

Track Workouts

Track Diets

Track Stress Levels

Track Water Intake 

Track Sleeping Habits

Take the right steps to train smarter and achieve your goal.

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# 1: Comm​it to a Goal

Easily add and prioritize your goals to stay on track leading up to race day. By adding your goal, you're making the commitment to doing your best.

#2: Structure Your Training

Plan your training using weekly hours, Training Stress Score®, or planned race day fitness. Then, create structured workouts that are personalized to you.

#3: Work Out Smarter

Export and complete your structured workouts on your favorite training device or app, then sync your workout automatically to your training calendar.

#4: Track Your Progress

See how your fitness is improving leading up to race day and get rewarded for hitting Peak Performances along the way.

5 Star Review, BB. January 2019

I met coach Rick in Hawaii looking for improved fitness through a personal trainer. His impressive athletic accomplishments lead me to choose him. After a few sessions, he really encouraged me to learn about triathlons. We worked together through a really difficult time in my life and became my friend as well as my coach.

He prepared me for my first triathlon with an impressive podium finish for a rookie and my first podium 10k. I’m positive that would not have been the case without his guidance.

I remained his athlete through relocation thousands of miles away. Six years later he remains my coach and is always there when I need him. He takes into account not only the raw data that you provide through TrainingPeaks, but everything else in your life that would impact your performance. Nutrition, emotional state, level of fatigue or injury, stress, etc. He uses effective coaching strategies to motivate you and I have complete trust in his race preparation, knowing I am not risking injury. To say that his coaching is personalized and effective is an understatement.

Accomplishments from BB

7 Olympic triathlon finishes

2 half Ironman finishes

2 full Ironman finishes

2 marathons, 1 half marathon

2 open water swim competitions

...and counting thanks to Coach Rick