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"Rick is great to work with. He takes his time to tailor fit your workout to help you reach your goals. He understands each person is different and has the ability to recognize and adapt to each person in a group session. He asks questions to make sure he is meeting your expectations of your work out goals."

Lisa Barry 

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5 Star Review / 01/2019

I met coach Rick in Hawaii looking for improved fitness through a personal trainer. His impressive athletic accomplishments lead me to choose him. After a few sessions, he really encouraged me to learn about triathlons. We worked together through a really difficult time in my life and became my friend as well as my coach.

He prepared me for my first triathlon with an impressive podium finish for a rookie and my first podium 10k. I’m positive that would not have been the case without his guidance.

I remained his athlete through relocation thousands of miles away. Six years later he remains my coach and is always there when I need him. He takes into account not only the raw data that you provide through TrainingPeaks, but everything else in your life that would impact your performance. Nutrition, emotional state, level of fatigue or injury, stress, etc. He uses effective coaching strategies to motivate you and I have complete trust in his race preparation, knowing I am not risking injury. To say that his coaching is personalized and effective is an understatement.


7 Olympic triathlon finishes

2 half Ironman finishes

2 full Ironman finishes

2 marathons, 1 half marathon

2 open water swim competitions

...and counting thanks to Coach Rick


Father & Son Success Story!

About 18 month ago I hired Rick to help me lose weight and get fit for my upcoming wedding. Within 4-5 month time I went from 267 to 224 and was in great shape for our big day! I also benefited in seeing Dr. Nathan King weight loss Physician. Dr. King and Rick helped me get on track and stay on track. Both my son and I are working with Rick. My son is getting ready for football season and Rick is helping him get ready- he is also working on his swimming This last month my son has lost 10 lbs. and I have lost 7. Rick has great workouts and always keeps it fun, is always encouraging as we get stronger and in better shape! Thank you Rick!

 - Luis

Rick and I work well together to optimize the fitness and health of our clients. It is great to know that I have a personal trainer I can trust with my patients as they transition from physical therapy to lifelong fitness.

-Tyler Patrick, DPT, OCS

"Rick is Amazing - I have run triathlons before but never trained this well! Fantastic results and an amazing coach!"

C. Carter

Google Reviews

"Came to visit Rick and had the opportunity to meet the wonderful people he trains and surrounds himself with!

The MOST AMAZING story is a 3 year post Stroke Survivor, Kevin Reinhardt who we got to witness finishing his first 70.3 mini Triathlon, thank to the help and training of Rick Rubio!

What an AMAZING story of dedication and will power and determination, Kevin!

You're a LUCKY guy to have the guidance of Rick Rubio!

He may be my brother, but I am EXTREMELY PROUD of his LOVE for helping others!"

M. R. McQuay

Facebook Review

"My husband and I spend part of the year in Kona. Last year we found and worked with Rick a couple of days a week while we were there. Rick is an excellent trainer. He is reliable, professional, friendly and really enjoyable to work with. He varied our workouts so we didn’t get bored. We will definitely work with him on our next stay! We give him our highest recommendation."

Cathy Miles and Jon Lueker

What Our Customers Are Saying!

"Coach Rick has the skills to motivate me to become the athlete that I want to be. He is very smart about his training plans and his main focus is on efficient and effective workouts with the main goal as the main focus. I believe that we work very well together and we have a great future together in endurance Sports" 


Here is my review for Personal Trainer Rick Rubio! 

I was so happy to have met Rick about 6-7 years ago, I’d been looking for a personal trainer and he was referred to me by my doctor.

I loved his approach of finding the exercise program tailored to me and my needs. He always had the info on the new and latest technologies for losing weight and gaining fitness, and always willing to teach and share!

I always appreciated that Rick too is an athlete, he’s an ‘Iron Man’, but he never made me feel less than, ever, not once! He’s always been motivational, supportive and goes out of his way to be flexible and works with me to fit in our exercise sessions.

Rick is very good at what he does and find him to be a great trainer.


Lucy Olsen