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Are You Ready To...

 Live a Lifestyle of Health and Fitness?

Lose Weight, Train for Triathlon, or 

Fitness Goal.

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Step Up to the Next Level of Fitness and Performance?

Showing you Kona's Athletic Opportunities!

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Enjoy Workouts Specifically for You?

I meet people at there home, parks, & hotels, I can get most workouts done in small space if it becomes necessary.

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Train In Your Home, Outdoors, Or Wherever 

You'd Like!

If you live in Kona, or on vacation and are looking for some help getting started with a fitness plan, or maintain and develop your fitness give me a call, send me a text (808-315-1844) or email ([email protected]) and I will get right back to you. 

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Fitness Training Designed Especially For You!

If you need some help attaining a specific goal like getting in shape a wedding or losing that last five pounds, let me know. You may not want or need a full fitness evaluation or program to reach these goals. I can provide focused instruction and heaps of motivation and support.

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Complete Fitness Program!

If you’re interested in finding out where you’re at we’ll start with a complete thorough assessment. Then we will formulate a program specifically designed for you. After that, I’ll train and coach you every step of the way to make progress toward your goals.

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Kona Person Trainer's Enjoy Assisting You With Your Nutrition & Fueling: Optimal Health & Weight Loss!

Exercising Uses A Lot of Your Body’s Resources & Those Need To Be Replenished...

Nutrition & Exercising always go hand-in-hand when anyone discusses health and fitness because they are both important to maintaining optimal health, especially when they work together! 

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Here Is How It Works:

* Complete Assessment

* Understand Your Health & Fitness Goals, Desires, Budget, Schedule, Etc.

* Help You to Formulate a Program that will be Custom Designed to Target those Goals.

* Assist You on Your Journey, Teaching, Coaching, Working Out With You, Sharing Techniques & Information that Fits in the Grand Plan Formulated with Encouragement, Accountability & TLC.

* Routinely Evaluate, Test & Update Your Plan to Insure We Are Making Adjustments that will Help You Stay On Track – Change, Alter & Improve!

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Too Much to Do, Not Enough Time?

Let Our Professionals Help You! Click Here to Learn More About Our Health Optimization Services - My Path

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What Our Customers Are Saying!

"Coach Rick has the skills to motivate me to become the athlete that I want to be. He is very smart about his training plans and his main focus is on efficient and effective workouts with the main goal as the main focus. I believe that we work very well together and we have a great future together in endurance Sports" 


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