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M-2 Fitness Center

Fitness training designed especially for you.


If you live in Kona and are looking for some help getting started with a fitness plan, give me a call, send me a txt (808-315-1844) or email ( and I will get right back to you.  If you need some help attaining a specific goal like getting in shape a wedding or losing that last five pounds, let me know. You may not want or need a full fitness evaluation or program to reach these goals. I can provide focused instruction and heaps of motivation and support.

Complete Fitness Program
If you’re interested in finding out where you’re at we’ll start with a complete thorough assessment.  Then we will formulate a program specifically designed for you. After that, I’ll train and coach you every step of the way to make progress toward your goals.

Here is how it works:

  • Complete assessment
  • Understand your health and fitness goals, desires, budget, schedule.
  • Help you to formulate a program that will be custom designed to target those goals.
  • Assist you on you journey, teaching, coaching, working out with you, sharing techniques and information that fits in the grand plan formulated with encouragement, accountability and TLC.
  • Routinely evaluate, test and update your plan to insure we are making adjustments that will help you stay on track – change, alter and improve.

On Vacation/Visitors to Kona, Hawaii
You and or your friends and family are visiting, vacationing and you’re looking for someone to train with, to personally train you, keep up your routines or show and train with you on the famous Hawaii Ironman course.  I can work you out in our fitness center or our fantastic aquatic center, and assist in getting you to bike rentals. Just let me know how I can help. We have some great athletic training venues and an array of sporting activities. We have local races and events just about every week. Just let me know when you’re coming and we’ll make a plan to get the most our of your visit.

Personal Training/Coaching Services:

Personal training rates:
(One hour)

One on one
$70.00 per private session
$50.00 for packages of 10 sessions or more

One on two/three
$40.00 per semi-private session (group of 2-3)

Day rates available

Monthly/yearly rates available

Consulting /fitness coaching guidance. $70 per hour consult-COACHING TOPICS may include: setting healthy lifestyle goals, preparing for an upcoming event, expert evaluation of your existing fitness program to insure effectiveness, strength and flexibility training, balancing life/fitness/family/work,and much more….

For many a full fitness assessment is the place to start. These can included: weight, BMI, body fat percentage, waist-to-hip ratio, resting heart rate, current heart rate in a fitness setting, max heart rate and blood pressure. Your body measurements are also taken. In addition, flexibility, balance, endurance and strength are also evaluated. Performance testing and time trials are also available.

Prior to starting any exercise program or completing a fitness assessment, consult with your physician.

Training Peaks Support and Fitness Software Integration

Training Peaks Dashboard

How does it work?

From the Training Peaks login in on our website you will log in with your account and password.

We set up your personal information and training zones.
Alternatively, you can opt for a daily email detailing your training for that day.
Each month you detail your availability to train over the coming month and your Coach then designs your training for that month around your goals and other commitments.
Upon completion of each session, you upload your workout into the relevant day and training session. There is an option to include comments after each workout about how you were feeling, etc. The more information you provide, the more specific your training will be.
You have options to include a food diary to help track your intake.
You can also track your metrics day to day, including your sleep patterns and daily weight.

Price: $140.00 per mo.

The online calendar records all of your information and allows you to see at a glance your training over a selected period of time.

This and much more can be discussed and formatted especially to suit you.