Bill Walton – NBA Hall of Fame

Bill Walton and Rick “Riding your bike with Ricky Rubio is like playing basketball with Larry Bird, playing music with the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and Neil Young, or dreaming with Isaac Newton, Darwin, Galileo, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs. The fact that you get to do it in Hawaii makes it all even better. My only regret is that I don’t get to do it every day. What a perfect chance to learn from a master teacher—about everything.
Let’s go ride our bikes today !!!!
With Ricky Rubio !!!!
In Hawaii!!!
What more can you ask for in life !!!!”
—Bill Walton


Joe 30

JoeI started working with Joe in May of 2011.  Joe was into strength training and more of a body builder with a solid muscular build. He came to me interested in getting into running and triathlon. What has become a transformation into endurance sports, Joe began running, swimming, purchased a bike and has and continues to develop his abilities. We continue to do periodic performance testing, work on developing technique and periodically update his training plan. Joe does struggle with swimming, but we are working on developing his skills and mental conditioning.  Joe’s is now focusing on his first triathlon and one of Joe’s goals is insuring he has the training and is ready.  Joe’s training includes use of his Garmin so that we can monitor his workouts, intensities and discuss enhancement to his training. Joe has aspirations and a desire to continue to improve and be a top age group competitor. Joe has lost 40+ lbs and has turned his body into that of very lean triathlete. As the manager of the GNC store Joe is knowledgeable about health, nutrition and supplements. We both are looking forward to an exciting performance at Lavaman Keauhou.

“Rick helps me overcome both physical and mental barriers.”


Toni 46

ToniAfter some difficult life altering changes (divorce). Toni decided she wanted to start exercising and began running. Soon after entered into a few of the local 5k’s and 10k’s. Toni’s next challenge was the Kona 1/2 marathon which she ran in June. Toni has also signed up and is training for the 2012 Honolulu Marathon. Since working with Toni, she is now dieting working on losing those 20 lbs to hit her goal weight as well she has just started strength and conditioning exercises to develop body tone and tighten up her core. Toni is much happier and loves having these fitness and health goals.


“He has been a great inspiration to me, really got me back on track with my running and working out. I even completed a 1/2 marathon race the longest I’ve ever run! I’ve also lost about 10 lbs since I’ve been working with  him.  I’m excited for the next step!”


Helgi 29

HelgiIn April 2012 Helgi came to me looking to be coached and trained in his quest to do an IRONMAN. At the age of 20 Helgi was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. Which is a type of arthritis/inflammatory disease that can cause some of the vertebrae in the spine to fuse together.

He was prescribed ENBREL, which has allowed him to keep his illness at bay. With this goal of IRONMAN and through the long journey and rigorous training ahead, Helgi has decided to raise awareness for Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) and in his quest to train/race and soon hopes to share this message full time. Helgi has recently founded the Helgiolefson Foundation. Committed to helping others and on a continued pursuit for more research and a cure.

Helgi likes to work out hard, so part of the challenge is balancing workouts to maximize returns and coaching to train more efficiently and effectively. As an executive chef, aspects of per-during and post workout nutrition comes with a very good basis of understanding.

“Coach Rick has the skills to motivate me to become the athlete that I want to be. He is very smart about his training plans and his main focus is on efficient and effective workouts with the main goal as the main focus. I believe that we work very well together and we have a great future together in endurance Sports”


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