Rick Rubio’s Bio

Doing what I loveRick Rubio

They say you should do what you love. If that is true, I am certainly doing the right thing. I love working with people to achieve a higher level of fitness. Whether it is losing a few pounds, overcoming physical or life challenges or competing in a race, my background as an athlete, coach and human being will help you. I guarantee it.

Success in Business, Athletics and Education

I have an extensive business background, and found success with numerous companies. I understand what it means to balance work and exercise and how to find creative ways to “have it all”, if you will. Setting goals, focusing and following through on plans is what I do, whether it in the business world or preparing for a race. As a business person, I knew that my success was tied to those around me, so I worked hard to build strong teams and motivate those around me. I take this same approach to personal fitness training.

My lifelong commitment to fitness has helped me compete in four Ironman Triathlons, open water swims, numerous marathons and many many triathlons and road races. I have competed in Racquetteball and Tennis leagues/teams and loved to play in tounaments. Like many athletes, the road to fitness is neither straight nor flat; I have been injured, had surgery and completed many rehab protocols along the way. My drive to stay fit, share my knowledge and help others, however, has not wavered. My experience will help you avoid common mistakes and help you reach your goals more quickly.

Practical training experience is, for certain, important; experience plus education/certifications is essential. I have certification from the top program for personal training–the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Add to that my additional studies and certifications as a league cycling instructor, (including lifeguard, CPR and first aid) and you can see that I am serious about providing my fitness training clients in Hawaii with top-notch training and support. Doing what I love.

Get the Best in Fitness Training in Kona – Rick Rubio

EXPERIENCE/ Education/Certification

0 ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

0 Tri B.C. Triathlon Coaching Level 1

o Fitness Coaching Studies

o Studies in Interpersonal Effectiveness, Business, Psychology, Aging, Alcohol and Addiction Recovery

o Certified lifeguard, first aid, CPR

o Certified TRX Group Suspension Trainer

o League Cycling Instructor– American league of Cyclist

Relevant Experience/Accomplishments

o Athletics Experience:
o High School J.V. and Varsity wrestling team
o Selected PACAF (Pacific Air Force) traveling elite softball team
o Ranked top 10 Washington State Racquetball 35+ division -
o Coached traveling Racquetball team/instructed Racquetball
o Coached youth sports – baseball, basketball
o Education and Event Coordinator for PATH Hawaii
o Instructed youth multi-sport camps
o Running: Competed in 15 Marathons, dozens of marathons, and hundreds of shorter distance races
o Tennis: Achieved 4.5 level – played tournament – team tennis leagues
o Ironman Triathlete (5 x)
o Competed in numerous 1/2 ironman, Olympic and Sprint triathlons,
o Swimming: Trained with Masters Swim teams, competed in many open water swims.
o Competed in 2010, 2011,2012 Alii Challenge, solo 6.2 mile swim
o Trained with Ironman and Ultraman(Ultra Distance Athletes)
o Maintain strength and resistance training throughout my fitness career
o Currently developing a training base for future triathlons and Endurance Distance Racing

0 Participated in Lavaman Triathlon 2015  (4) months after receiving 2nd hip (Left) replacement

Understanding of Injury Rehabilitation

Things I have personally experienced,
o Numerous sport related rehab protocol measures
o Knee: Tore and had 2/3 of meniscus removed
o Stress fractures
o Neuromas removed from both feet
o Osteo arthritis (hips)
o July 28th 2007  right hip replacement(resurfacing), completed Honolulu Marathon 4 -1/2 months later Dec 2007.
In Sept. 2011 my hip replacement failed.
Unique successful hip reconstruction surgery done in
Birmington, England by inventor of prosthetic..

2014 Left hip replacement in India

Training Interests

o Resistance/ Weight and strength training instruction and routine development
o Endurance Training
o Triathlon, Swim, Bike, Run, other
o Heart rate training
o Fueling for endurance

General Fitness Routines

o All around basic general instruction in developing your routine/desired outcomes

Sport Specific Planning

o Assist with developing sport specific routines to enhance your activity/sport
o Refer, assist, you can do zumba, ballroom dance whatever you want. It’s your thing!
o Health, Wellness and Anti Aging
o Weight loss
o Tracking and measurement