Train in your home, outdoors, or in our gym.

Are you ready to:

  • Achieve optimum health?
  • Create a new you?
  • Live a lifestyle of fitness?
  • Step up to the next level of fitness and performance?


How I'll help you

  • Figuring out where you are now: Assessment
  • Defining where you want to go: Goals
  • Establishing a plan with you: Your personal path to achieve your fitness goals
  • Helping you stick to your plan in a fun, motivating style
  • Assisting you with your nutrition and fueling: Optimal health
  • Showing you Kona's athletic opportunities
  • Training Peaks Coach Training plans are designed specifically for each athlete and are provided in a web-bases format.
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I am very passionate about what I do. I Iove to see people pursuing, learning, challenging themselves and reaching fitness and performance goals. I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction seeing my clients set goals and achieve them.

I am a lifelong athlete and a certified personal trainer. I swim. I bike. I run. I do weight training. Through my experience, observation and study, I can help you overcome challenges--as I have--and reach fitness goals.

My fitness journey would not have been possible without help along the way. I have been trained and coached by top personal trainers, club coaches and specialty coaches. These experiences have taught me how to reach a higher level of performance, and they have taught me how to be a better coach.

Client Testimonials

"Rick helps me overcome both physical and mental barriers." —Joe
"He has been a great inspiration to me, really got me back on track with my running and working out. I even completed a 1/2 marathon race the longest I've ever run! I've also lost about 10 lbs since I've been working with him. I'm excited for the next step!" —Toni
"Coach Rick has the skills to motivate me to become the athlete that I want to be. He is very smart about his training plans and his main focus is on efficient and effective workouts with the main goal as the main focus. I believe that we work very well together and we have a great future together in endurance Sports" —Helgi